Vue.js, the progressive JS Framework

Vue has gained a lot of recognition amongst front-end frameworks that are used to create the interfaces of modern web applications. It's selling points are scalability (both up and down), performance and a short learning curve, specially if you already have experience in JS, HTML and CSS.

The world of JS frameworks is very prosperous nowadays, competition is good and trying new stuff ensures you don't get behind when it comes to building modern applications. The first think to notice about Vue is how easy is to get started. You just add a src in your HTML and you are ready to go. There are similarities between Vue, Angular and React, so if you come from there, even better. It can be used within NPM application, too and there's also a CLI to speed up common tasks like the initialiation of an application.

A Chrome and Firefox extension they provide will integrate a debugger inside your browser.

Vue comes initially as a core library that takes care of connecting the data with the view and rendering the DOM. On top of that you can add other supporting libraries. Along with other modern tools you can go higher and created more powerful applications with a more advanced interface.

The creator is Evan You and it was launched in 2014, under the MIT license

Developer: Evan You
License: MIT




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