Apache Royale, the future of Flex

The Apache Royale project has been started by the same community that took Flex from Adobe then made Apache Flex and FlexJS. This new pack of tools (compiler, SDK and additional utilities) is a revamp of the FlexJS framework.

With Apache Royale you can create web applications that no longer depend on Flash or AIR. You will use MXML and AS3 just like in Flex but the output code is HTML/JS/CSS that can run in a browser, thanks to the new compiler that has been modified for such purpose.

If you try to migrate from a Flex project, though, you will need to get rid of the code using the Flash API. Other than that, using Royale is no different than with the previous frameworks.

Everything you need for getting started can be installed globally with NPM but you also have guides for installation and configuration within the most used IDEs and editors.




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