Apache Flex

Apache Flex is the continuation of Adobe Flex under an open-source license. Probably the only framework that keeps ActionsScript alive.

Suitable for developing applications that run in the Adobe Flash Player (stand-alone apps or web based) or the Adobe AIR runtime (desktop and mobile), it has been developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation since 2011 (when Adobe donated it). It utilizes MXML to create layouts for the interface in a similar way HTML pages are designed and ActionScript for the coding.

The framework provides every component you need to create fully featured, powerful applications with a visually appealing and interactive UI.

With the help of the SDK installer they provide now, you can download and install all the required components and dependencies with a single click. Once the SDK is installed, you can use IDEs like FlashDevelop, Eclipse, JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, Adobe Flash Builder or PowerFlasher FDT.

The SDK can be installed on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.




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