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JestPHP conference starts tomorrow

JestPHP conference starts tomorrow

One track along an entire single day for PHP developers, covering the language and ending with your belly full of donuts

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OCaml data types and variables

An introduction to available data types, working with variables and how variables work and other special features in this matter

OCaml 

New releases

WebStorm 2019.1 Early Access

A new EAP has been open so you can be the first one testing the newest features for free and send feedback

Vue 2.6 (Macross)

It brings a new syntax, performance enhancements, several internal changes and bug fixes

Pandas 0.24

The last release that supports Python 2, with new features and changes to the API, among bug fixes and improvements

Ionic 4.0.0 Neutronium

A major release of Ionic which sums 2 years of work on this revamped framework and UI design system

Laravel 5.7.22

This minor update fixes issues related to testing and also updates Vue/React presets for Laravel Mix 4